A concentrate of technology in such glamorous, pretty and attractive material, you will amaze, surprise and delight your guests.

360 Luxury Glass Platform, contact form

360° Luxury Spinner Photobooth & Videobooth, contact form.

Of course you have questions, it’s too WOOOOW, OMG, A-MA-ZING not to have any.

So don’t hesitate, contact us by email or by phone, we will be happy to answer you. Don’t forget, smile, you are being filmed, and from all angles in 360°!!!

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Contact informations

  • +1 514-497-0806

  • info@360spinnerphotobooth.com

Contact form for the Luxury 360 Spinner Photobooth & Videobooth.

    Live Performance

    In Hollywood mode, camera, rotating arm, glass platform, Infinity Led Light, everything is there, all that remains is to go up.

    Sharing and Publishing

    All you have to do is send, publish, share on your favorite social networks.


    A photo is good, a video is better… Smile, you are being filmed !!! In no time, the trick is done !!!

    Digital Content

    Slow motion, special effects, music everything is designed to make your video OMG !!!