The essential novelty, the essential for trendy and upscale events.

360 Luxury  Spinner Photobooth & Videobooth

Forget everything you’ve ever seen, it’s nothing like that, it’s a thousand times more OMG, it’s the 360 Luxury ​​Spinner Photobooth & Videobooth.


For an exceptional day, you need exceptional entertainment, such as a 360° Luxury Spinner Photobooth & Videobooth. It will blow your mind. With its color Infiniti LED Lights, and super fun videos. You will be able to personalize the videos to make this experience even more unique, just like this day. This animation will set the tone for the evening, between glamor and glitter, in Hollywood mode and paparazzi.


It’s to be celebrated, and it’s to be celebrated with great fanfare!!! The 360° Luxury Spinner Photobooth & Videobooth will be unanimous, it will drive everyone crazy, and you first. Your videos will go viral and everyone will want theirs!!! It’s clear and clear, they will be viral, they will remember your birthday for a long time, that’s for sure.

Infinity Led Light

Glass Platform

360° Rotating Arm


360° Luxury Spinner Photobooth & Videobooth at a prom brings the glamor and glitz of Hollywood to the feet of your students. What better memory than these magical videos, which show the brotherhood built between them throughout these years. The smiles, joy and fun will be captured forever in a magical and easy to share form.

BarMitzvah & BatMitzvah

They will all take their breath away when they see the 360° Luxury Spinner Photobooth & Videobooth, they will remember it forever. You will make an impression and fill smartphones with these super fun videos. The star that day is you. Share this moment of glory with your friends and family by riding the 360° Luxury Spinner Photobooth.

We offer you the cream of the crop, because you are worth it.

For your greatest pleasure, we have invested in the most high-tech audiovisual entertainment.

Christmas party

We talk about it for months, we prepare it weeks in advance, to end the year on a more than festive note. The Christmas party is an institution, it is a moment of joy and sharing, which ends a year often full of projects, achievements, investments. So go ahead, have fun today, as much as you worked during the year or even more! The 360° Luxury Spinner Photobooth is here to take you into a spiral of madness, fun, waaaw.


You are never alone at a trade fair, there are many participants and many visitors. You want to stand out, attract attention, arouse everyone’s curiosity, we have what you need: the 360° Luxury Spinner Photobooth. It is much too beautiful, too imposing, too intriguing to go unnoticed, obviously, it will offer you impressive visibility, that’s for sure. The rest is up to you.

Live Performance

In Hollywood mode, camera, rotating arm, glass platform, Infinity Led Light, everything is there, all that remains is to go up.

Sharing and Publishing

All you have to do is send, publish, share on your favorite social networks.


A photo is good, a video is better… Smile, you are being filmed !!! In no time, the trick is done !!!

Digital Content

Slow motion, special effects, music everything is designed to make your video OMG !!!