Pioneers in events industry, we present to you the 360 ​​Spinner Photobooth.

You are welcome to 360 Spinner Photobooth!

The new thing that everyone will be talking about, the essential, the indispensable for trendy and upscale events, is the 360 ​​Spinner Photobooth & Videobooth.


OMG these Led Light !!!

Led Lights are trendy, we like them, we see them everywhere. The play of lights and colors is nice… Wait until you see the Infinity Led Light, you have to see it to understand it!!! It is IN-FI-NI, to put it mildly, it’s breathtaking. Bend over, it’s under your feet. You are literally above infinity !!!!

360 Luxury Spin Photobooth & Videobooth

Luxury 360 Photobooth  ​​is super fun to use, super fun to watch, and super quick to share.

Because you are all connected, smartphone in hand, with a phone gallery full of photos and videos. But also because filters, montages, special effects, gifs, boomerangs are familiar to you. And finally because you like things to be quick, you don’t want to wait, you are into immediacy. So it’s normal to offer you a product that suits you, the digital age requires. Here it is, the new Photobooth “The 360 ​​Luxury Spinner Photobooth & Videobooth”. He will increase your views, with his viral videos, the likes will increase at high speed.

In no time your video is done. Shorts are perfect for sharing on social networks, aren’t they? So all you have to do is ask, send, publish, share with your community on your favorite social networks.

The more the merrier, it’s well known. This is why we decided to offer you the 360 ​​degree Luxury Spinner Photobooth – Oversize glass platform. Indeed, for you we think big, so don’t go up alone, reach out to several of your friends. Fun is guaranteed.

Infinity Led Light

Glass Platform

360° Rotating Arm

360 Luxury Spinner Photobooth

With 360 Photobooth, there are no good angles, all angles are good, and even perfect.

360 Photobooth ​​in a few words…Everything is designed to bluff you and them!

Equiped with a rotating arm, an Ultra High Definition camera and a Ring LED will rotate around a large glass platform. You will take your best poses to be filmed in 360 degrees on the Infinity Led Light!!! The glass platform is fixed, only the camera will rotate around you for a 360 degree effect. As a result you will not have vestigo or dizziness,

you won’t feel dizzy or dizzy, just laughter and fun.

The magic will happen… a montage with slow motion, special effects, music will be presented to you on a nearby terminal. From then on, with this nugget in your hands, you will only want to share it, of course!

Personalize your animation according to your desires, the theme of the event, your tastes, thanks in particular to digital frames, music, and dazzling special effects. Therefore the editing will be amazing that’s for sure.


OMG these effects !!!

An edit in Slow Motion only or Fast>Slow>Fast>Slow or Fast>Slow>Reverse. There are many combinations, you can choose the one you prefer. In addition to these effects, music, digital frames, you can also insert your signature throughout the video. (name, first names, date, logo, message, etc.) Go ahead, we’re waiting for more than you.

We offer you the cream of the crop, because you are worth it.

For your greatest pleasure, we have invested in the most high-tech audiovisual entertainment.

Live Performance

In Hollywood mode, camera, rotating arm, glass platform, Infinity Led Light, everything is there, all that remains is to go up.

Sharing and Publishing

All you have to do is send, publish, share on your favorite social networks.


A photo is good, a video is better… Smile, you are being filmed !!! In no time, the trick is done !!!

Digital Content

Slow motion, special effects, music everything is designed to make your video OMG !!!